Toledo, OH

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Salaried position

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Licensed Social Workers diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders, including anxiety and depression. They help patients understand their diagnosis and make the necessary adjustments to their lifestyle, housing, or health care. They help senior citizens and their families find services, such as programs that provide older adults with meals or with home health care. In some cases, they provide information about assisted living facilities or nursing homes or work with older adults in those settings. They help clients and their families make plans for possible health complications or where clients will live if they can no longer care for themselves.

LSW Duties:

  • Observe client behavior, assess needs and create treatment strategies
  • Diagnose psychological, behavioral and emotional disorders
  • Develop and put treatment plans in place
  • Consult with doctors, therapists and medical professionals
  • Administer social service programs
  • Instruct clients’ families during treatment

License & Certification:

  • Ohio Licensed Social Worker

Education, Training & Experience:

  • Recent LSW experience in a long term care / skilled nursing facility

For more information, please email
or call 888-336-7800 ext. 1255