Give your leaders the wisdom and foresight to avoid common pitfalls, and keep your facility running smoothly.

Leadership is a broad subject with varying definitions. Everyone seems to have a way of implementing it. We do too: The Tobin Way. This methodology has been crafted by decades of trial and error so that you won’t have to experience the same mistakes.

We do all of this to make your leaders the best version of themselves. A leader who can deliver practical and proven solutions. We do not promote gimmicks, we deliver results. We know it works, because “Tobin has walked in your shoes, we do not just talk the talk, we walk the talk!”

A powerful 4-day leadership program that can be conducted at your facility or off campus.

In this training:

  • We’ll challenge status quo
  • Push you beyond your comfort zones
  • Tighten up loose ends of understanding

Let Tobin & Associates “talk the talk” so your staff can “walk the walk.”

“We work with hundreds of LTC professionals, and know the issues that affect them most. Our educational programs are written with the needs of those professionals in mind — and we try to make them fun and enjoyable, because the long term care industry needs more high-quality programming, not more sleep-inducing bore-fests!”

Peg Tobin, RN, Author, CEO

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