Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Healthcare recruiting, coaching, training, & consulting

Healthcare recruiters, coaches, trainers, & consultants.

For our clients, we bring decades of experience and thousands of long-term care, assisted living, home health care, and hospice connections. For our talented professionals who trust us to direct them toward positive change, we bring them reputable organizations. We go above and beyond the common healthcare job posting sites.


Looking to fill an open leadership role or use an interim leader for a short run? Compliance Issues? Training assistance? Leadership Coaching? We can help.


Ready to make a permanent change or become an interim leader? Want leadership coaching? We can help.

We connect good people with great facilities and help them grow together.

Finding the right leader is only the beginning. We’re reducing staff turnover by not just finding the right leaders through our extensive network of professionals, but also leveraging the experience of our team of healthcare industry experts to help train facility management and personnel to become more effective leaders. When facilities and staff share a common goal, everyone benefits.



Reach beyond the candidates available on job boards with our premier recruiters across our nationwide network and be the first to find the highest available talent.

Interim Management

Quickly fill your vacancies with professionals experienced in preventing gaps in service through transitions.


Streamline operations, strengthen leadership teams, prevent deficiencies, and more, with the help of Tobin’s nationally recognized expertise in the industry.


One-on-one mentoring, skill development, and problem solving under the tutelage of the industry’s most talented and experienced leaders.


Customized training programs for employees at every level to increase leadership effectiveness, care effectiveness, and employee retention.


In-person and online continuing education for healthcare leaders of all levels.

Our twice-a-month online town hall series takes a focused look at issues we are facing in long-term care, and provides you an opportunity to be a part of the conversation live via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Tobin is an approved provider for state-directed remedies.

Contact us immediately if your facility has been cited and a remedy imposed.

We provide:

  • Department of Health Approved Monitors
  • Approved State Directed In-services Provider
  • Approved State Directed Plan of Correction Provider