Find candidates that will elevate your company, and help it become a place people want to stay.


Fill an open leadership role permanently or get interim coverage.


Identify and solve specific issues in your company with our expert consultants.


Develop your leadership team with one-on-one guidance from industry experts.

Your staff is the biggest factor impacting your company’s success. We ensure that impact is a positive one.

Quickly find the highest skilled, most qualified candidates.

Focus your time on candidates that have been screened by our search consultants, knowing that qualifying candidates will have the skills and talents your position needs. Our extensive network delivers you the most qualified candidates in the shortest amount of time, keeping you free of burdensome screening. You’ll also search less often when hiring high-quality, long-lasting candidates — our placements have a 91% average retention rate.

Interim Management that seamlessly covers operational gaps with Tobin’s network of preeminent Interim Leaders.

Leverage Tobin’s extensive network of talented Interim Leaders to obtain professional leadership until a permanent solution can be acquired. From social workers to regional management, effectively prevent interruptions of service by utilizing a highly-trained, licensed professional that meets your facilities needs and can ensure a smooth transition to permanent staffing solutions.

Develop your company’s leadership and create loyal teams.

Finding the right person is just the start of building a successful team. Along with finding the right candidates for you, we also offer programs and training that foster positive employee development and enhance staff/resident/family cohesion. By developing these strong teams, your facility will become a place employees want to stay, and become a peaceful, happy environment that attracts residents.

Looking for Travel RNs or other contract-based staffing solutions?

We can help.

“I was impressed with Tobin’s professionalism and ability to source high quality talent in positions that are difficult to fill.”

Seth Vilensky
President & CEO, Montefiore

Elevate your facility’s marketability and decrease staff turnover with our innovative programs.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s care program for facilities that increases quality of life for your residents and staff, decreases staff turnover, increases your facility’s marketability, and is an ODA-approved QI program.

A powerful 2-day leadership program created from decades of experience that gives your facility’s leaders the foresight to avoid mistakes commonly found in long-term care.