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Since 1998, Tobin & Associates has built upon their relationships and experiences of “walking the walk” of nearly every leadership position in healthcare. Tobin has turned those connections into a nationwide network of top healthcare talent — which allows you to quickly find the top candidates in the industry.

A recruitment team that gets results.

Using our network, contacts, and relationships across the industry, our team of healthcare recruiters find the best interim and permanent talent.

  • 99.7% Permanent placement rate

  • 98.3% Interim placement rate

A family-owned and operated business whose journey began after miles (and miles) of walking the halls of long-term care facilities.

In 1998, Tobin & Associates was founded when registered nurse and former teacher, Peg Tobin, left a job that had her overseeing long-term care projects and filling nursing positions across 5 states, working countless hours all the while. Peg put aside that corporate culture to be closer to her family, and to also stand up for her fellow nurses, DONs, and other long-term care professionals, by making sure that high-quality candidates were getting jobs that paid them what they deserved from facilities that respected and valued their contributions.

Starting as a one-woman consulting and staffing agency, Peg’s success quickly revealed the need for the growth of the company. Peg’s husband, Richard, joined the team, bringing with him the skills and knowledge he acquired over his decades as a long-term care administrator. As Tobin’s business grew beyond a one-state operation, so too did the staff. Peg’s oldest son, William, came aboard to assist Peg and Richard in managing the company’s current and future development, as well as guiding the growth of Tobin’s finances and investments. Soon after, Peg’s other son, Christopher, joined the team to helm the day-to-day operational functions, and assist in developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with industry personnel and companies.

Over the years, Tobin & Associates has built upon their experiences of “walking in the shoes” of nearly every position in long-term care by developing leadership coaching programs for nurses and nurse leaders, facility-wide programs to combat challenging behaviors to make more friendly work environments, and educational programs to give all LTC professionals the tools and skills needed to affect positive changes throughout the industry. Tobin’s goal of bettering the long-term care industry hasn’t gone unnoticed — Peg has been tackling long-term care issues not just in facilities, but at the regulatory level as well, by meeting and seeking solutions with everyone from local and state regulators and government officials, all the way up to members of the US Congress and the United States Administrator of the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services and her nine Deputy Directors of the CMS Healthcare Departments.

Woman Owned Business

“We are vested in the healthcare industry and are committed to do what we can to make the industry better for all involved. Through building a successful business, we have never lost sight of our core values which focus on making the industry better for all of those living and operating in it.”

-Peg Tobin, President & Founder

“Tobin is well respected in the healthcare industry and has a proven track record.”

Bruce Daskal
CEO, Legacy Health Services