Your success in a long-term care career starts with finding the right opportunity.

Whether you are looking for the right permanent or temporary position in long-term care, we can help.

Gain the advantage that comes from decades of experience.

Over the decades that we have been bringing together long-term care professionals and the facilities that need them, we have established relationships with companies and facilities who trust us and depend on us to fill their needs. Those  relationships are exactly the advantage you need to stand out ahead of the pack.

We understand your needs, because we’ve walked in your shoes.

We’re not a giant computer that functions by way of some mysterious, computer-generated algorithm — We are real people: nurses, DONs, administrators, and other long-term care professionals just like you. We want what is best for you, we understand the challenges of working in long-term care, and we’re ready to be your guide to career success.

We help your career grow and increase your value to companies and facilities everywhere.

With personnel training like our Nurse Leadership Project and CEU opportunities, we have the tools needed to help transform you into a highly sought after leader in long-term care. We’ve worked with everyone from entry-level RNs all the way up to presidential cabinet members to ensure that all LTC professionals have quality, career-enriching programs and opportunities available to them.

No matter what your next career step is, Tobin’s team of experienced placement specialists can help you find what’s best.

“Tobin is well respected in the healthcare industry and has a proven track record.”

Bruce Daskal
CEO, Legacy Health Services

We also provide leadership training and education that helps you rise to the top of the LTC industry.

Become a leader and mentor that staff looks up to, and facilities highly value.

Our unique Nurse Leadership Project was created to empower nurse managers and improve the long-term care industry by developing leaders whose staff can turn to for direction. This program has tested, proven results showing that nurse managers who complete this program, becoming certified NLEs, and implement their training in day-to-day operations decrease staff turnover and improve resident care outcomes.

Let’s get started.

Using the form below, let us know what you are looking for and upload your resume. We will then contact you to discuss your qualifications, desires, needs, and what opportunities would best suit you.

When you are ready, we will begin submitting your resume to companies that have need of your skills and meet your employment needs. Assistance will be provided throughout the placement process, including, if you want us to, negotiating with company/facility management to maximize salary and benefits for you.

Employment Opportunities

  • Permanent positions
    We have long relationships with clients who trust us and depend on us to fill their needs.
  • Interim positions
    Immediate relief for an unexpected vacancy in key corporate, regional, or facility level positions
  • Join the Tobin team
    In addition to our global job placements, Tobin is always looking for fresh talent.