Solve your facility’s issues with the guidance of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts and specialists.

Tobin is approved by the Ohio Department of Health as a provider for state-directed remedies.

Contact us immediately if your facility has been cited and a remedy imposed.

We provide:

  • Ohio Department of Health Approved Monitors
  • Approved State Directed In-services Provider
  • Approved State Directed Plan of Correction Provider

Industry-tested, state-approved solutions to issues facing long-term care facilities.

Whether your facility has been cited or you are seeking to avoid citation, Tobin’s expertise in, and awareness of, the long-term care industry can be the guide you need to successfully move forward. As an ODH-approved provider of state-directed remedies, Tobin has the proven knowledge and methods that can ensure your facility is able to overcome or avoid citations, as well as implement facility-wide programming to prevent future issues.

Develop your company’s leadership and create solutions from within.

Your facility’s best leaders may already be working for you — all they need to excel is the right training. Tobin offers coaching and training programs that foster positive employee development and enhance staff/resident/family cohesion. By developing these strong teams, your facility will become a place employees want to stay, and become a peaceful, happy environment that attracts residents and self-corrects many issues.

“Tobin is well respected in the healthcare industry and has a proven track record.”

Bruce Daskal
CEO, Legacy Health Services

Elevate your facility’s marketability, decrease staff turnover, and avoid compliance and other issues with our innovative programs.

Revolutionary behavior management program for facilities seeking solutions and interventions to challenging resident behaviors,  improved staff/resident/family cohesion, and phase 3 RoP compliance.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s care program for facilities that increases quality of life for your residents and staff, decreases staff turnover, increases your facility’s marketability, and is an ODA-approved QI program.

A powerful 2-day leadership program created from decades of experience that gives your facility’s leaders the foresight to avoid mistakes commonly found in long-term care.