One-on-one guidance that helps you become a greater part of your facility’s success — at a fraction of the cost of hiring consultants.

One-on-one coaching is one of the most effective approaches to developing leadership and solving facility issues.

Using a unique blend of coaching and consulting, our Tobin Leadership Coaches combine their expertise as long-term care leaders with your specific skillset to develop effective teambuilding/leadership skills as well as helping to correct specific issues in your facility.

Rather than spending tens-of-thousands of dollars hiring a consultant to come in, solve one single issue, and leave — taking their knowledge and skills with them — your company can utilize one-on-one coaching to give your administrator, director of nursing, etc., the skills and knowledge to solve issues, as well as the ability to leverage the knowledge and experience of our Tobin Leadership Coaches.

You care for your residents — You should also care for yourself and your staff.

Resident care is the driving force that led us all to this industry. Whether you’re taking your very first steps into long-term care, or you’ve been walking these halls for decades, there are always ways to becoming better. Better for your residents, and better for yourself. Tobin Coaching offers individualized guidance that fosters positive self-development, teaches work-life balance, and helps create strong, confident leaders.

Confident, effective leaders create stronger, more cohesive teams that stay together longer – making your facility a more enjoyable place for residents and staff alike.

Increasing your staff retention directly improves your company’s bottom line.

With less turnover, your staff spends less time training replacements and more time catering to the needs of the residents, greatly increasing both resident and family happiness. Having both happy staff and happy residents greatly increases your facility’s marketability to not only attract more clients, but also attract higher-caliber staff talent, which will further solidify your facility’s image as the truly incredible facility it can be.

Investing in your facility’s leaders is the fastest, easiest, and most effective tool your company has to ensure a successful business now, and for years to come.

Every vacancy on your staff is costing your facility
thousands of dollars


per CNA


per LPN


per RN

The cost of turnover is extremely high; it’s estimated that losing an employee can cost as much as 2 times the employee’s salary.

Not only are you forced to dedicate time and resources to recruiting, onboarding and training a new hire after an employee leaves, your business simultaneously takes a hit internally while the role remains unfilled. These expenses are known as the cost-per-hire and cost-of-vacancy, respectively. It’s estimated that two-thirds of all sunk costs due to turnover are intangible, including lost productivity and knowledge, which are part of the cost-of-vacancy.

You can read more about the hidden, but very real costs of staff turnover in this article.

Tobin Coaching can teach you how to reduce staff turnover in your facility.

Tobin Leadership Coaches are experienced professionals who have “walked the walk,” and have brought their experience to guide other LTC Leaders along the path to success.

Your residents expect to have their needs met.
Your staff does, too.

Turnover is perhaps one of the most monumental – and costly – challenges currently facing the long-term care industry. Over the past decade, there has been a shift in employment expectations, a shift that was accelerated during the pandemic, which has left companies in this industry with a choice: keep doing what hasn’t been working or do something different and become part of the solution.

The new reality of long-term care employment is here: employees, from CNAs to LNHAs, are expecting your company to have strong leadership that recognizes and appreciates their personal contributions to the success of your company. Everyone loves a pizza party, but pizza is no substitute for listening to and addressing the issues your staff has.

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