3 Ways to Decrease LTC Turnover in 2019

A recent study conducted by OnShift stated that, last year, 65% of caregivers in long-term care (LTC) were always “looking” for a better job and 97% were open to a new opportunity, receiving an average of 3 recruitment calls per week. It’s no wonder that over the course of 2018, LTC organizations were more focused than ever to come up with new ways to engage and ultimately retain employees, specifically direct-care staff.

In 2019, LTC firms have the chance to refine current practices and try new things. Here are three things organizations should consider implementing to retain LTC caregivers.


According to a survey conducted by Bankrate in June 2018, 37% of Americans have a second job. Flexibility with hourly employees allows them to get the hours they need, as well as make time for their side gigs. Flexible scheduling is not just a one and done practice. Be sure to regularly touch base with employees to review their scheduling preferences, as situations may change over time.


Offering and outlining clear career paths for your employees is crucial. While there are many career caregivers, a good portion of today’s workforce want to move up the corporate ladder. Providers reap their own benefits by allowing this to happen. Career development and cross-training boosts retention, but also diversifies employees’ skill sets, making them more valuable to the organization.


There are many ways to incentivize hourly employees, but one of the most effective is to use a systematic points system that is linked to good behaviors. Not calling off, picking up an open shift, punching in and out on time, and achieving tenure milestones are just a few of the behaviors that warrant a pat on the back. Along these lines, perks, beyond traditional benefits, have become more popular in the workplace and can serve as a differentiator for organizations. Need some ideas? Think free lunches or gym and transportation stipends. Anything extra you can provide to improve your employees’ quality of life builds loyalty and is an excellent retention tool.

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