Reach new levels of success for yourself and your facility with our individual development and full-facility programs.

Elevate your facility and decrease staff turnover with our innovative programs.

Revolutionary behavior management program for facilities seeking solutions and interventions to challenging resident behaviors,  improved staff/resident/family cohesion, and phase 3 RoP compliance.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s care program for facilities that increases quality of life for your residents and staff, decreases staff turnover, increases your facility’s marketability, and is an ODA-approved QI program.

A powerful 4-day leadership program created from decades of experience that gives your facility’s leaders the foresight to avoid mistakes commonly found in long-term care.

“With Rhythm of the Day© and Lifebridge© we saw remarkable improvements in residents suffering from challenging behaviors, dementia and mental health conditions.”

Myrtle Hickman, LNHA

Leadership training and education that helps you rise to the top of the LTC industry.

Become a leader and mentor that staff looks up to, and facilities highly value.

Our unique Nurse Leadership Project was created to empower nurse managers and improve the long-term care industry by developing leaders whose staff can turn to for direction. This program has tested, proven results showing that nurse managers who complete this program, becoming certified NLEs, and implement their training in day-to-day operations decrease staff turnover and improve resident care outcomes.

“I found a true champion and leader that I could learn from and grow with during my career. There has been so many wonderful educational experiences! Thank you for being our champion!”

Cindy Hill, RN, DON

Leadership books, workbooks, and orientation guides that help experienced and new leaders make a difference in the long-term care industry.

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Gigi, Are You In There?

By Pam Reese, RN

A beautifully-illustrated story to educate children about Alzheimer’s disease.

For children, having a grandparent or relative with Alzheimer’s can be a confusing and difficult time. In this book, follow Mia as she learns about her grandmother’s Alzheimer’s disease, explaining it in a way that even young children can understand. With beautiful illustrations, Mia’s story shows that while her grandmother may act strange sometimes, she still loves her.