Proven leadership development that increases engagement and retention of direct care staff, leading to reduced staff turnover.

Learn how to support your staff while joining a network of leadership mentors.

The Nurse Leadership Project was developed to offer hope and solutions to nurse managers who serve in leadership roles, and to give line staff a voice in the operations of their units and in their assigned residents’ care delivery. This unique program improves the long term care industry by training nurse managers how to more effectively communicate, manage and delegate responsibility to their teams, adhere to accountability standards, and establish a mentorship network they can turn to for direction — all eventually leading to decreased nursing turnover and improved resident care outcomes.

Tobin is able to provide this leadership training to registered nurses, in leadership positions in some nursing home facilities, via a CMP grant awarded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service in various states.

In facilities where a DON/ADON completed the Nurse Leadership Project, the facility showed the following improvements:







Results based on the average results of all participants and participating facilities

“It helped me learn new strategies on managing employees and renewing old skills. I have found myself in situations that have been easier to address thanks to the skills I learned during this project.”

Tessa Tweedlie RN, BSN, RAC-CT, NLE
2018 Nurse Leadership Project Graduate

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For applicants and facilities outside CA, please contact us to discuss options of how to bring the Nurse Leadership Project to your area.

This CMP Nurse Leadership Training Project proposes to offer leadership training for registered nurses who are in leadership positions in California LTC Nursing Facilities and follow up with personal mentoring for successful graduates. This project will concentrate on the development of nurse leaders, and focus on leadership abilities that affect engagement and retention of direct care staff.

Two Nurse Leadership Training sessions (that last 6 months) will be taught each year for 3 years (2019/2020, 2020/2021, 2021/2022) taught by Jill Thomas, RN of Clinical Compliance Concepts and Ruth Parnell NHA, of RAP Resources, Inc. The project advisor will be Peg Tobin, RN of Tobin & Associates, Inc.

Project Agenda

Phase I

a) Visit to participating facility

Phase II

b) Nurse Leadership Training – 8-day training program in person

c) video webinars

d) mentoring

e) this program is spread out over 6 months

Phase III

Assignment of a personal mentor to each participant – 2 months – mentor will be available for guidance regarding leadership issues, including communication, accountability and delegation – mentors assigned and supervised.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Limited to 12 facilities per session (to facilitate interaction with each participant)
  • Limited to 4 facilities per organization
  • Facility participation is not limited to members of any State Health Care Association
  • Facility is experiencing a turnover rate of greater than 25% in nursing staff
  • Applicants must be a registered nurse (RN) with at least 2 years of experience in a long term care. The RN will be interviewed and explained to him/her the purpose of the program and will sign an agreement of understanding and commitment to the training program.