Long-Term Care Leadership Coaching Program

This program concentrates on providing tools that affect engagement, retention, communication, accountability, delegation, and mentorship through one-on-one coaching to long-term care leaders via a train-the-trainer model.

Each participant will become a leadership mentor able to more efficiently assist other leaders, staff, residents, and families. They will also receive the tools and skills necessary to mentor other leaders, propagating these team and care-boosting skillsets to other members of their staff, facility, company, etc.

LTC Leadership Coaching focuses on achieving the following outcomes:

  • Decrease facility staff turnover rate
  • Improve staff and resident satisfaction
  • Decrease resident incidents, such as falls

This program covers topics including:

LTC Leadership Coaching Program

Per participant:


  • Self-Reflection
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Perception/Culture
  • 5 Stages of Leadership
  • New SNF Landscape
  • Hiring/Retention
  • Balance in Life/Work
  • Trust, a Core Value of Nursing
  • Consistency, a Critical Leadership Trait
  • P.D.P.M.
  • Accountability
  • Above the Line Thinking
  • Delegation
  • Handling Conflict
  • Change is Constant

Each Participant Receives:

  • Four months of in-depth, personalized one-on-one leadership training, problem solving, and development via Eight (8) bi-weekly 60-minute one-on-one coaching & consulting sessions with a Tobin Leadership Coach
  • Skills and education to facilitate mentorship throughout the facility
  • Planning, training, and strategies to solve your facility’s specific issues

After your purchase, a Tobin Leadership Coach will contact you to schedule your first Tobin Coaching session. The remaining sessions can be scheduled based on your specific availability and needs. Your Tobin Leadership Coach can provide in-depth advice for the most effective scheduling options that will work for you.

Tobin Leadership Coaches are experienced professionals who have “walked the walk,” and have brought their experience to guide other LTC Leaders along the path to success.

The turnover in your facility costs thousands of dollars.

$3,500 per CNA $15,000 per LPN $25,000 per RN

You can read more about the hidden costs of staff turnover in this article.

Investing in your staff will save your facility money.

The Tobin Coaching Programs have been designed to greatly lower a facility’s staff turnover rate. When factoring in the amount of time lost, the costs required to make up for missing staff, and the direct time and costs of finding and training a replacement, the average US facility can expect to lose around $3,500 per CNA, $15,000 per LPN, and $25,000 per RN. Even a small facility could be looking at losses into the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars very quickly!

By investing in your current staff and giving your leaders the training and skills to build quality teams, your facility can expect to see a reduction in turnover, meaning far less losses from the costs of turnover.

Leadership training is the backbone of Tobin’s Coaching Programs. One such program, the Nurse Leadership Project, has helped participating facilities cut staff turnover rates in half, sometimes much more! That reduction in turnover has prevented those facilities from losing thousands and thousands of dollars every year. Published results of that program can be found on McKnights Long-Term Care News.

Number of participants: