Invest in your leaders, reduce staff turnover.

The Tobin Way Nurse Leadership Project offers proven leadership development that increases engagement and retention of direct care staff, leading to reduced staff turnover.

Support your staff and join a nation-wide network of leadership mentors.

The Tobin Way Nurse Leadership Project develops leadership abilities that have been proven to affect engagement and retention of direct care staff, such as effective communication, managing expectations, accountability, delegation and mentorship.

This unique program improves a facility by training nurse managers how to more effectively communicate, manage and delegate responsibility to their teams, adhere to accountability standards, and establish a mentorship network they can turn to for direction — all directly leading to decreased staff turnover and improved resident care outcomes.

In facilities where a DON/ADON completed the Tobin Way Nurse Leadership Project, the facility showed the following improvements:







Full published results can be found on McKnights Long-Term Care News

“It helped me learn new strategies on managing employees and renewing old skills. I have found myself in situations that have been easier to address thanks to the skills I learned during this project.”

Tessa Tweedlie RN, BSN, RAC-CT, NLE
2018 Nurse Leadership Project Graduate

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