3 Ways to Decrease LTC Turnover in 2019

A recent study conducted by OnShift stated that, last year, 65% of caregivers in long-term care (LTC) were always “looking” for a better job and 97% were open to a new opportunity, receiving an average of 3 recruitment calls per week. It’s no wonder that over the course of 2018, LTC organizations were more focused than ever to come up with new ways to engage and ultimately retain employees, specifically direct-care staff.

Lisa Webert-Murphy

Employee Spotlight – Lisa Webert-Murphy

We love bragging on our people. But we love it even more when our clients do it. This is a wonderful testimonial received about one of greatest assets, Lisa Webert-Murphy, Senior Executive Recruiter. Lisa, congratulations on compliments that are accurate and well deserved. We salute you and appreciate everything that you do at Tobin!

A Guide To talent Management

A Guide to Talent Management Today

With today’s focus on advanced technologies, it’s easy to overlook a simple fact: all tech is meaningless without the talent to put it use. In an age of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, human talent is more important than ever. While the best facilities recognize this and put people at the center of their agendas, many others continue to pay lip service more than they actually devote time to their “most important asset.”

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