An Ongoing Discussion About Long-Term Care Challenges

The long-term care industry was already a complex maze of challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and completely upended life inside and outside of facilities. From rapidly changing regulations, to changes in Medicare reimbursement protocols, all the way to new guidelines about who is and is not allowed to work if they have symptoms of illness — there has never been a more tumultuous and confusing time in our industry.

Everyone has questions, and answers are hard to find. That’s why we put together a forum for all of us in long-term care to ask about and discuss the issues that matter the most, and to discuss them with panelists and guests who understand the industry and have first-hand experience dealing with these issues.

Our monthly town hall series takes a focused look at these issues, and provide you an opportunity to be a part of the conversation live via Zoom and Facebook Live. You can also submit your questions using the form below, and we’ll incorporate them into the broadcast.

Upcoming Discussions

May 6

Noon EST

Back In The Survey Saddle Again

Panelists Include:

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Future dates & topics will be released in the near future.

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